Decide your next destination based on the budget, using Flocations

Travel On The Dollar
December 19, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

FlocationsOur friends often ask us “how can you afford a trip?” or “My budget is XYZ, so where can I go?”. A new website called Flocations will ask for your budget and offers a map of possibilities for even the most cash-strapped travelers.

Most of the other sites will tell you the price of tickets or hotels for the destinations you choose, but Flocations creates a “fun visual experience” by getting rid of price lists and matrices and instead mapping out potential destinations.

Click on a city and you’ll get a list of fares and airline carriers, as well as hotel suggestions.

Currently, the website is available for selected starting points and/or destinations in Southeast Asia only, and they will, hopefully, expand to the rest of the world soon.

Also, with quite a few bugs on the website, we’d ask you to hang in there while they fix all the issues! For example, upon selecting Bangalore, India as our starting point, we changed the default dates to something else and the website displayed an error “Sorry, we do not cover this departure airport yet.”

We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the site as and when we hear from them.

Travel On The Dollar