Photos: Ridiculously crazy roads in the world

From hairpins to cliffs, Courtney Robinson lists some crazy, mind-boggling roads in the world in her list on Trippy.

North Yungas Road, Bolivia
Known for being the most dangerous road in Bolivia, North Yungas Road is actually considered by many who’ve traveled it to be the most dangerous road in the world. In spite of having a history of tragic accidents it continues to be a favorite of bicyclists who love the continuous 40-mile downhill path.
  Hindustan – Tibet Highway, India
The Hindustan-Tibet Road, also known to us as the National Highway 22, leads to Kinnaur and presents an idyllic picture of life above 12,000 feet.
Vrontados, Greece
Vrontados/Chios in Greece
  Boumalne Dadès, Morocco
Berbers built many kasbahs in vicinity of gorges with defense purposes. These many kasbahs with combination of natural beauty contributes to high tourist attractivity in recent years so if your nerves need a rest, have a stop at one of the many kasbahs. Not only are they great places from which to enjoy the breathtaking views, they’re great places to stay the night as many have been turned into very affordable hotels.


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