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November 26, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

Rajasthan-Desert-TourAre you planning to make a fantastic visit to Rajasthan for the first time? It’s really a very enthusiastic opportunity for you to make a glorious visit to India and especially to the royal state of Rajasthan both for the heritage and wildlife tour.

Highlighting the true glory of Rajasthan at its different forts, palaces, monuments and museums is perfect for the heritage and architecture lovers. And different wild reserves and sanctuaries bring the most varied kinds of lush foliages for the incredible wild creatures including the majestic predators-Indian Tigers. So you can either choose one of them or both, but Rajasthan has the best part of these features at its different cities.

If you are a bit anxious or confused about a proper and complete excursion to Rajasthan with complete benevolent enjoyments, we are here to bring some exciting tips and advice for you, so you can have a complete heritage and wildlife experience here. Here are the best five tremendous activities you can achieve while making a glorious Rajasthan tour:

Heritage trip at Forts and Monuments
Since Rajasthan is the perfect emblem of Rajputana life, its bravery, legends and histories are all crusted so finely in its different monuments and forts at different cities. Jaisalmer Fort, Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Udaipur Palace, Chittorgarh Fort are some of the most glorious sites where you can gain all these features with their distinct features. All architectural specimens are distinct from each other and bring a perfect combination of Rajputana, Mughal and British style decors.

Wildlife Excursions
Although Rajasthan life is considered as deserted and sandy but surprisingly this land is also the king of most famed wildlife sanctuaries and reserves that highlights plush greenery all around its dense foliage and paves. Ranthambore National Park, Sariska and most famed Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary bring the most varied kinds of wild species in the vast and unlimited areas. Ranthambore and Sariska are known for the tigers, perfect for the tiger lovers and Bharatpur invites thousands of local and migratory counts of birds for the enthusiastic ornithologists and bird lovers.

Desert Safari
The land of impeccable deserts, Rajasthan boasts unlimited deserts at different regions where the famous Thar Desert attracts numerous visitors for an impressive Camel safari tour. One can take a great toll to the unlimited sand dunes area of Jaisalmer or Bikaner. Along with that different camping experience will impress you completely where you can have the most featured part of the traditional Rajasthan life. You can enjoy folk music and dance with beach camping along with savoring your mouth with local yummy foods. The soothing chilly atmosphere of night at desert will release your fatigue during daytime summers.

Fairs and Festivals
Rajasthan has always captivated people with its tradition and culture and if you really want to explore the real tradition of Rajasthan, the most mind-blowing opportunity for you is to attend its occasional fairs and festivals. Yes, Rajasthan is best known for its distinct and different fairs & festivals where the Bikaner Camel festival, Pushkar Fair, Desert Festival, Gangaur Festival, Marwar Festival and Teej Festival are the best attractions in its basket. The famous annual Pushkar Fair is a grand event in Pushkar where large amount of gatherings can be witnessed. This 10 day festival brings the glimpses of true Rajasthani life where trades and shopping are the major events. People buy and sell cattle; especially the camels at this fair; and devotees take a sacred bath at its lake before visiting the one and only Brahma Temple.

You can definitely have a great shopping experience at every corners and streets of Rajasthan. The markets of Rajasthan depicts the refined cultural and heritage skylights. These markets will offer great varieties of traditional things for decorations, attires and daily household goods. From ethnic wears to local jewelries, from embroidered fabrics, textiles, carpets, wooden furniture to woolen & cotton rugs and blankets; the state will encourage you for more and more shopping fun. It’s a great chance to make your Rajasthan tour more memorable; when you carry the local belongings along with you.

Author: Shubhanshi Aggarwal
Shubhanshi loves traveling and sharing her travel experience with the world through her blogs. She has traveled around India and abroad. The destinations in India close to her heart are Rajasthan, Kerala and Uttarakhand, which are popular for their very own reasons. The diversity of these places has always attracted her and she has always expressed it through her writing.

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