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November 26, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

If you are traveling on a budget, yet want to experience the best in a city then you’d would want to know how and what the locals do. There are many resources online helping you customize your trip – where to go, what to do, eat, drink, etc – with details on every hour of the day, every day of your trip. The whole concept of ‘travel like a local’ has been adopted by many websites, and the information on those websites are mostly written by people like you and me – travelers or locals.

Apart from the user-entered information, a lot of websites also offer organized tour packages by locals, and/or merchants.

Clip the Trip (CLIP stands for Current Local Information Packs) makes it easy for travelers to find relevant and interesting local information about a destination, written by people who know the city’s ins and outs by virtue of being a resident or a regular visitor.

ClipTheTripLaunched recently, the website has a very limited database of cities to search for, and to be able to write a CLIP. We tried with Jerusalem, Israel and it showed a ‘no city found’ message! So the next one was ‘Zagreb, Croatia,’ and voila! Select the city to write a clip and the page displays the weather for New York City! Clicking on “be the first one…” leads to a technical error. All in all, this website can be a good resource for information, but needs a lot of work.

Send your feedback and stories if you were successful in writing a clip.

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