Peek launches ‘Perfect Days’ to let you create your own trip

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November 20, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

Perfect Days by Peek
Perfect Days by Peek

Peek offers a lot of customized trips and activities on their website with carefully curated and selected vendors. Launched just a month back with selected locations in California and Hawaii, Peek takes it to the next level by letting users define their “perfect days” with insider tips on sights to see, places to sleep and activities to do.

“Perfect Days” section rolled out for cities all over the world, and lets users create their own lists of things to do in the cities they love. Just select a city, add locations, pictures and descriptions, and build your list.

Peek Perfect DaysThe site works by pulling in Foursquare location data and images to make Perfect Day locations look good. And at the end of each Perfect Day, the site builds a pre-populated map of the area for easier navigation.

This opens up the world to everyone as compared to a few selected locations that Peek or their local merchants has created. This helps Peek look into the most popular destinations that people are submitting information on, which may lead them to build guides for.

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