Now pay fees for forgetting to pay fees

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November 8, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

Spirit AirlinesSpirit Airlines is notoriously known for its extra baggage fees – cabin and carry-on. The airline has increased the carry-on baggage fees to $35 if purchased during online booking ($25 for members of the airline’s fare club) and $50 if purchased at the airport kiosk.

Also, your first checked bag now costs $30 if paid during online booking ($20 for fare club member), which increases to $45 if purchased at the airport kiosk. And starting Tuesday, will go up to $100 if you check it at the gate.

Yes, $100 per bag if you forget to pay in advance.

You can still carry a purse, briefcase or other small personal item for free.

Allegiant Air now gives a discount for paying with a debit card versus a credit card, and Virgin America has charged an extra $20 on some flights for seats closer to the front of the plane with early boarding.

Coming up soon – penalties or fees for not printing your boarding passes, or not paying baggage fees or not check-in online before arriving at the airport.

Travel On The Dollar