Sell those unused hotel reservations at Travatar

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November 7, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

We have all been in a situation where, even after double-checking the dates and schedules, we book a hotel room to find out that our plans have changed. Hotel reservations typically set you back at least a few hundred dollars, and most of them are not always refundable — especially if you’re really close to the scheduled date/time of your stay there.

That’s where a new website, Travtar (not open to public yet!), comes in. All it does is give people an extra safety net for those unused hotel bookings, by being an online marketplace to buy and sell hotel reservations that have been booked in advance.

This is great for consumers, but what does hotels think about this idea? Hotels don’t want empty rooms so, in any practical scenario, they will charge you either some percentage of the reservation amount or the full value, depending on how late you’re trying to cancel. And since the room will be empty, they may sell it (probably easily) at a higher rate because of the last-minute-change.

There’s also the concern of reservation name transfer. Even if you succeed in selling your reservation on Travtar, will the hotels honor the name change on the reservation? Will Travatar have a way to inform the hotel about this change or will you have to manually call the hotel? Although the idea of selling your unused reservations seems great, but we will just have to wait and watch until Travatar comes out of beta.

Sign-up for early invites to their website and let us know your experience on Travtar.

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