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November 1, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

Travel Blogger Calendar
Travel Blogger Calendar
Travel blogger Chris Walker-Bush from Aussie on the Road came up with this idea of Travel Blogger Calendar, where the proceeds will go to two selected charities as “a way to give back to the communities who have nurtured us and helped us to grow.”

There are two versions of the calendar for 2013 – ‘Men of Travel Blogging‘ and ‘Women of Travel Blogging‘ – each for $25.

Ryan Air also offers a similar scantily clad cabin crew calendar, but that’s just.. umm.. Ryan Air!

If you’re not interested in donations to the charities mentioned in the Travel Blogger Calendar’s page, then there are other ways of doing it. For example, The Footprints Network is a charity aggregator and involves more than 10 projects that they are looking to fund. And then there’s Passports with Purpose, who as a way to build community among travel bloggers and to give back to the places we, as travelers, picks a project and drives support among travel writers and their followers.

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