Tips on storing small items while traveling

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October 26, 2012  •  3 min(s) read

Storing chords and cables untangled or carrying those loose change in pockets/purses while traveling can be a pain, especially if you find them at the bottom of your bag.

Here are some quick tips to store them in a way that is handy and secure from thieves:

Sunglasses box for cables

sunglasses case cords Almost everyone has sunglasses these days and many of us rather tuck them in our tops or just flip over on our heads, but don’t store them in the case. Don’t throw away those cases, but use them as compact cable. Just stick them in the glasses case and prevent all the tangling of cables.

And if you’re carrying the empty case then store the loose change while on the road. It’s easy to access them from the box and doesn’t give away to the thieves.

Altoids case for cables & coins

Use Altoids box for a perfect way to store small headphones and charging wires, or coins. The Altoids box can then be stored in the side of the camera bag.

iPhone SIM-card opener

iPhone SIM opener in SD card box You may want to get a local SIM card while traveling to international destinations and if you own an iPhone then that tiny SIM-card opener pin is difficult to carry and can get lost easily. But if you have an unused SD-card case, then place the tray opener in the case and store the case in your camera bag.

Shaving razor

razor clip Wrap the razor blade with a binder clip to prevent it from cutting through other small items or just bend out.

Keep clothes smelling fresh in suitcase

dryer sheet in suitcase Simply add a dryer sheet int he suitcase, below all your clothes, to keep them smelling fresh.

Chapstick cases for currency

chapstick Save those used chapstick cases because they can be handy in storing small amounts of currency notes. This is a great way of carrying them around while traveling to not-so-safe destinations.

Earrings clamped to buttons

buttons & earrings Use a button to keep earrings together while traveling.

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