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Public Transport apps on iOS 6 since Apple Maps don’t have them

September 19, 2012

Apple released it’s latest iOS for iPhone, iPod and iPad and as you may have heard, Google Maps was chucked out in iOS 6, which means that the navigation software is now without public transportation data.

When you try to access your routes using Apple Map, they push you to third-party apps, but knowing where to start can be a daunting task. There are many apps out there that will give your public transportation information, but to get you started, here are a few of our favorites:

MetrO covers some 400 cities, and while most individual city apps may be a bit more comprehensive, MetrO is more than adequate for most traveler’s needs. You can add the cities you want and MetrO can plot routes for you and shows your location on a map so you can see what’s nearby.

iTunes Link
Cost: Free


The free app will get you from point A to point B whether you’re taking the bus, subway, walking or biking regardless of which borough or neighborhood you’re trying to travel. New York City is just one example out of a whole bunch of cities in U.S., Canada and Europe – 62 at the time of writing and counting.

iTunes Link
Cost: Free


Embark offers series of apps that provides straightforward public transportation directions and related information, like advisories, on your smartphone (iPhone or Android). They’re simple, fast, and really useful whether you’re exploring a new city or just need to know how to get around the one you live in. Embark has its own special features like advisory alerts.

Cost: Free


Ever needed offline maps for the metro, subway or local train system in a city you’re visiting? Then AllSubway is the app you want on your phone. This simple, easy-to-use user interfaced app will not show you the local train map on a Google or Apple maps, but can be viewed offline on a static interface. The app contains 151 static maps for cities all over the globe.

iTunes Link
Cost: $0.99


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