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Find the best way from airport to city center using CityHook

September 12, 2012



CityHook aims to help travelers in Europe (and eventually worldwide) determine the best connection between an airport and a city center. Covering 130 European airports, you can get results sorted by preferred journey times, journey cost, and drop-off locations.

CityHook iOS appIn addition to their recently launched website, they have apps for Android and iOS that lists all transport options, such as city buses and paid limousines, at major travel destinations worldwide.

The mobile app is simple, easy-to-use and has a great user interface. The app and the website provide very valuable information with costs mentioned in local currency and when you click on details, you get to see the latest exchange rates in USD, EUR and GBP. Apart from that, it also gives schedules, pickup points and whole lot of information like location of the service on the map, etc.

Bang for buck: It’s free!
Ease of use:
The looks:

CityHook iOS app

CityHook iOS app

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