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Do not skydive with ‘Sin City Sky Diving’ in Las Vegas, Nevada

August 13, 2012

After purchasing a Groupon for $149 (a $249 value) to sky dive with Sin City Sky Diving in Las Vegas, we decided to do the jump last weekend.

This is what the Groupon said:

…The outing includes the following:

  • A tandem skydive
  • Limousine service to and from Bally’s
  • A complimentary beverage after the dive

…After climbing into a limousine at Bally’s, jumpers cruise 25 minutes off the Strip to the airport jump site, where they check in, suit up, and chart maps to Neverland. After 15 minutes of training, anticipation builds as a Cessna 206 or 208 Caravan ascends to 15,000 feet, where doors swing open and tandem skydivers leap into the arms of a 30-second free fall. Professionals pull chords, releasing parachutes and slowing the speed for a five- to seven-minute descent over the vast desert. A shuttle rolls newly minted aviators to the airport before they toast smooth landings or exchange traditional eagle pleasantries during a complimentary drink during the limousine ride back to town.

Sin City Sky Diving Groupon

Sin City Sky Diving Groupon

After scheduling our pick up at 9:30am, we reached Bally’s and the company called saying their limo was stalled and we’ll be riding in a van. Fail #1.

The van arrived 25 minutes late and after a 20-minute ride to the airport outside of Vegas, we arrived at the airport-station where we were given instructions and harnessed, ready to fly out.

For safety reasons, one would assume that the airplane doors would be shut until before we were ready to jump off, which was not the case. They left the doors open all the time! Fail #2.

Their website and Groupon clearly says jumping off of 15,000 feet. We took off from 10,000 feet, which lessened the free fall by a few seconds. And when you are in the air, even those few seconds count. Fail #3.

Although we had booked for three persons, a friend chickened out at the last minute. But during the booking process, no one told us that is we cancel out 24 hours before the jump there will be a $50 charge. Fail #4.

What about that complimentary beverage?! Fail #5.

The Groupon was $149 for a $249 actual value and the video + pictures cost $99, which turned out to be good. No complaints there. All in all, make sure you get the details right and your money back if the terms and conditions are not met.

  • Brenda Jacobs

    While my intent is not to defend Sin City Skydiving…I don’t know them, I haven’t jumped there, and they may, in fact, be terrible…I am an experienced skydiver and the Failures named in this article are not legitimate complaints from what I can see.

    Fail#1: I understand about the limo being a van instead…that sucks. Legit.

    Fail#2: “One would assume” wrong – it is absolutely normal for a jump plane to keep the door open, especially in the summer in Las Vegas. There is no air conditioning in the plane. You do not want to know what the climb feels like without that door open in August. I promise you that. That is why seatbelts are required until you are hooked into the instructor. Everyone else has a parachute so falling out isn’t as big a deal as you may think. But yeah, door open – totally normal and not unsafe.

    Fail#3: Technically, I believe they may be correct. I’m not saying I agree with the advertising of 15000 this way, I think it’s along the lines of false advertising, but they are technically correct. It has to do with the way altitude is displayed..there are two ways: Above Ground Level (AGL) and Mean Sea Level (MSL). Las Vegas sits at nearly 5000 MSL…which means if you fly up to 10000 ft AGL (above the ground), you are technically nearly 15000 Mean Sea Level. The altimeter the skydivers wear is in AGL – obviously so you know how far you are from smacking the actual earth below you. Your altimeter will say 10000 when the plane altimeter (in MSL) will say 15000. So technically, they’re not lying. But I think it’s poor advertising on their part. I will say that even jumping at 10000 you got your 30 seconds. If you had actually jumped 15000 feet AGL you would have fallen nearly 50 seconds, 30 seconds is absolutely right for jumping at 10000 AGL / 15000MSL.

    Fail#4: I can see right on your screen shot that it says 24 hour cancellation notice required. I imagine somewhere in the fine print they also include the detail of the $50 charge. When someone “chickens out”, that tandem instructor doesn’t get paid unless they charge something. That’s time that that instructor could have taken someone else for the full pay they normally get. It’s only fair.

    Fail#5: Probably legitimate complaint if you didn’t get a beverage! Unless it was water…did they give you water? LOL!

    Like I said, I’m not trying to defend Sin City, I just think this review makes them look bad when really it sounds like they didn’t do anything wrong. I’m glad you got a good deal (for the most part) and got to experience skydiving! One of the greatest thrills ever!

  • J

    You decide to do something as dangerous as skydiving and than shop for the lowest bidder by going to Groupon? Not to smart. And than you want to complain about it. Next time don’t be so cheap. Did you ever consider the massive overhead involved in aviation? After Groupons cut you are paying the company $75-$100 for a skydive. Of course they have to cut corners. You are very lucky thats all you had to complain about.

  • FHD

    There now is a new groupon for this and I think some of the details of the jump were a mistake from groupon, not necessarily Sin City Skydiving. As groupon has now obviously changed their details:
    “After a 25-minute shuttle ride from Bally’s Hotel, a jump master helps clients put on the requisite gear, pairs them with a certified tandem instructor, and sends them out to a Cessna airplane. The aircraft then ascends 13,000 feet, where, strapped to the instructor, each client dives and free falls for 30 seconds. The parachute then opens for a 5- to 7-minute canopy flight back to the ground. Finally, the shuttle returns to Bally’s Hotel, where skydivers can recount the experience to friends and attentive ice machines.”
    In general I find groupon to be good, but their details don’t always match up with or disclose all the actual service providers’ details (example: though they mention the 24h cancellation policy, they don’t mention the $50 charge for a shorter cancellation time).

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