The Abbey club and lost phones

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August 7, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

The Abbey, Los Angeles
The Abbey, Los Angeles
If you’re traveling to Los Angeles and wanna party out then ask any locals and they will recommend The Abbey as one of the best places to let your hair down. Located in the uber gay neighborhood of West Hollywood, Abbey offers free entry (no cover charge) and not-so-expensive drinks, with a huge space to dance and hang out.

But with a lot of our friends telling us stories about losing their phones at the club, we decided to warn you to keep your phones safe. Three friends told me about their many friends losing phones from their pant pockets, closed purses and, well, just from hands. Holding phones in hands and losing them is understandable, because of the environment you’d be in – the crowd, drinks, loud music, but if they are lost from closed bags or long-pocketed pants or jeans, then that’s something serious. I, along with another sober girl, lost our phones the same night at Abbey.

I lost my iPhone 4 at the club and after tracking it using the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature provided by Apple, it seemed that the phone was still in Abbey after the 2am closing time until 6am, after which it was on a train to Downtown LA. It was eventually turned off after 10am (next day), never to be tracked again. Why do I bring this up, you ask? I went back in after the club was closed, tried searching on the floor but to no avail. I informed one of the security guys inside about the lost phone and I was shoo’ed out saying “the cleaners won’t be here until 3am, so you can call us after 9am and see if we have found it”. Which makes me wonder if someone actually stole it or picked it up and never returned.

One of the things I must mention here is that I always have my name, address, email address and an ICE (in case of emergency) number of a friend mentioned on the lock screen, so if some good samaritan can call or return it if found. Of course, I never expected anyone to call me, but what was my phone doing in Abbey until 6am? Why was it on a train to Downtown after that? We are not accusing anyone of any crime, but the number of lost phones at Abbey in a two-month period makes one wonder if this is us or is there some kind of routine theft going on there.

All in all, be cautious when you’re traveling to a city, especially in a club. Safe travels!

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