Get your bags delivered at your doorstep if you’re flying American

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August 3, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

BaggagesThe first thought after arriving to your destination from a long-haul flight is to wait at the baggage claim for your bags to arrive. And then lugging them all the way to the gate and take them home. Now, American Airlines will launch a service that, in association with BAGS VIP, will deliver your bags to your doorstep.

Starting Monday, American will begin offering a plane-to-door delivery service for the price of $29.95 for the first bag; $39.95 for two bags; $49.95 for up to 10 bags. of course these are over the baggage fees levied by American.

And if you live more than 40 miles from the airport, then the additional $1/mile for each mile between 41 and 100 applies. So assess your distance from the airport of your destination to your stay and decide if you want to avail of this facility because those fees can pile up.

You can always simply ship your bags using UPS or FedEx to your destination. Depending on how many bags you’re carrying and how far you’re traveling, the cost to use one of these existing delivery services may be less than the combined check bag/delivery fees. At the very least, you would not have to take bring all those bags with you to the airport.

Travel On The Dollar