Tip: How to feel rested from a red-eye flight?

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August 1, 2012  •  1 min(s) read

  • Eat dinner early before you get to the airport
  • Have a cocktail or glass of wine at the airport before you get on the flight. One will help you sleep, but two or more will get you too dehydrated and lead to poor quality sleep.
  • Drink LOTS of water just before boarding the flight.
  • Noise-isolating (or -cancelling) headphones can be helpful too, but for sleeping compact earbud models that don’t stick out of your ears are preferable.
  • Bring eye shades and a pillow or soft jacket onboard. Try to get a window seat so you can rest your head more easily; or if you’re traveling on a relatively open flight, try to get a seat assignment in an open row so you can sleep horizontally
  • Sleep as long as possible until landing (grab more water onboard if possible – dehydration can make you feel more tired), then as soon as you get to the terminal, grab a coffee for the journey into town.
  • If at all possible, try to check in early at your hotel, take a shower, have a lightbreakfast and another coffee.
  • If your flight is under 5hrs, do not expect to be rested; if you have trouble sleeping on planes, take some melatonin. 1-2 mg of melatonin should have a relatively mild effect, and will gently get you to sleep within 30 mins without knocking you out for 8 hours like Ambien would. Melatonin is the most effective for not feeling tired after a 4.5hr to 7hr flight if taken about 30min prior to boarding.
  • Sun bathe for 20-25 mins to get Vitamin D

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