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July 30, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

Border checkpoint terminal in Ninotsminda
Border checkpoint terminal in Ninotsminda
Border checkpoints are cruel and blah! But if you’ll be crossing the border between Georgia and Armenia in the near future, then you will be passing through the border checkpoint terminal in Ninotsminda, Georgia which will be a modern architectural feat with two storied building and a total area of 1.78 hectares. This is located between the old custom building and border.

Designed by Luka Machablishvili, the 39.4×107.4 meter gigantic cascading blocks of concrete is best suited to the function. Using modern construction materials, the lateral and longitudinal facades facing materials of dimensional elements are: metal panels, stained-glass windows: black aluminum profiles, internal and external high quality lighting. The building is a iron-concrete carcass from the construction point of view (columns, plates and crossbars) with flat roofing and banding basement.

Construction is already underway in Ninotsminda on the structure, which will be over 100 metres wide and will divide traffic from both directions into a total of eight lanes.

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