PixMeAway decides your next travel destination based on pictures you select

Travel On The Dollar
July 30, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

Pictures can be appealing and change the way you think. They also affect your views of the world and the places you want to go to next. This is what PixMeAway does. It simplifies your decision for the next travel destination: just select photos that appeal to you most and get destination recommendations based on the photos, your type of travel, and trip requirements.

Pinning down the activities and atmosphere you’re looking for, PixMeAway travel search assigns you one of seven travel types: action seeker Archie, educational tourist Olivia, independent traveler Toby, sun loving careerist Max, nature lover Amelie, adrenaline-junkie Rocky and culture lover Charlotte, all based on three of seven photos you choose. Then select your travel requirements and get suggested destinations, places to visit, and even trips and tours similar users have recommended.

Bringing picture-based search in an intuitive manner is a great way to discover potential travel destinations you might not have considered before—especially if you’re a very visual person or are inspired by travel photos.

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