TravelSpinner offers personalized service to plan your next trip

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June 30, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

Earlier, we had reviewed FlightFox that will find the best flight deal for you, of course with a fee. Now, TravelSpinner is a similar website where they collect your travel request on an easy-to-use online form before submitting it to three relevant specialists.

You enter the usual details such as number of travelers, destination, length of stay, budget, accommodation type and some other details about your trip. submit the details. They will send all that to specialist travel companies (200 at launch) via the automated system and wait from them to reply.

Selecting “independent travel” or “complete trip” from the homepage will lead you to select the kind of trip you are looking for; and skipping this will directly take you to the region & country / city selection. For any given trip, you can select one particular city and submit your request. But if you’re tripping into multiple cities, or even countries, you have to submit several requests and go through the steps again for every city you’re visiting. It’d have been nice if they had a “create your itinerary” and submit that for a all-in-one request.

We tried the website, selecting a 3-day trip to Prague, Czech Republic, on a budget of $400 for three days for accommodation only. And within 24 hours there was an email indicating they didn’t find any specialists who’d be willing to going along. And then there was another email after another 24 hours, that they found an agent with whom we can do business with. But with increase of $100 a day on flights and hotels, we had booked our options before the second email.

Send your experiences in comments if you have used TravelSpinner.

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