Transoceanic WiFi is coming soon

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June 26, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

Airplane Wifi
Airplane Wifi
We all need some down time from the electronics we use in our daily lives – be it e-readers or iPads, iPhones, etc. It’s good to be offline once in a while and just relax, but flying in cramped airlines on a transoceanic flight is not the best way to take that breather. So most of us take up reading or just finishing that essay or dissertation we have been putting off. And then there are some of us – rather most – who would really want to get online and chat with friends, reply to pending emails or just post our pictures of crying babies or that annoying person next to us on Facebook.

Some airlines like Lufthansa are providing broadband access on many North Atlantic, Middle East and South America flights. With WLAN-enabled devices, Lufthansa passengers on board of their Airbus A330s can connect to the internet, send emails and attachments, and hook up into their company intranets via a virtual private network provided by FlyNet.

And, now US-based Gogo has taken steps that it hopes will lead to present and future airline partners providing broadband service when flying over the US, Europe and across the Atlantic. Gogo signed what it calls a “strategic memorandum of understanding” with SES, which operates a contingent of some 50 geostationary satellites, to deliver satellite-powered Internet access to an airline seat and aisle near you.

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