London Tube gets upgraded with free wifi for Olympic games

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June 25, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

The first London Tube stations that will be WiFi enabled for free this summer was announced by London Underground and Virgin Media. Oxford Circus, Stratford, Liverpool Street, Leicester Square and King’s Cross will be among the first to launch, with around 80 stations WiFi enabled by the end of July.

With the Olympic games starting next month, WiFi access to the Virgin Media portal will always be available to all London Underground customers. For the summer, everyone will get full internet access. After that, full internet access will be available to customers of Virgin Media and selected networks, as well as on a Pay As You Go basis. Millions of commuters and visitors to London will be able to get online at Tube stations and find their way around the capital with up-to-the-minute TFL (Transport for London) travel information, access social media whilst they wait for their next train on the station platform.

Virgin Media and London Underground engineers continue to test and prepare the forthcoming WiFi service, including recent capacity testing at Chancery Lane underground station where hundreds of devices were connected to the station’s WiFi service at exactly the same time to reproduce the service experience of a busy Tube train arriving at the station.

The new free online portal will offer up-to-the-minute TFL service information including TFL’s journey planner and entertainment and news content useful for a commute to work or trip into town.

How do I get it?
To activate WiFi on your device, you’ll need to be in a WiFi enabled Tube station. Look out for the WiFi Zone symbol when you come into the station. Activate once and you’ll connect automatically each time you take the Tube.

Virgin WiFi on London Tube
Virgin WiFi on London Tube

Full details of the new service will be confirmed at launch.

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