Sunshine or rain, plan your trip based on weather on your route

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June 19, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

Weather Channel's Trip Planner
Weather Channel’s Trip Planner
Who wouldn’t like a nice sunny, not-so-hot weather when on a road trip? Created by design studio Stamen for the Weather Channel, Trip Planner is a web app that forecasts the weather along your route with a combination of Weather Channel and Google Maps.

Just put in your start and end locations and the app will show weather icons so you can see what conditions are going to be like, and hover over the locations for more details. Just drag the route for a detour if there’s hail or rain on the way. Taking in to account the journey time, the app will show what the weather is like now along the route at different points.

The app pulls from Yelp to show places to eat and things to do along the way, so you’ve got an all-in-one travel planner for your next road trip.

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