This tiny backpack fits in pocket, but packs a lot of stuff

Travel On The Dollar
June 14, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

PackBack is a feather-weight backpack from Trek Light Gear that weighs just 3 ounces and can fold into a package the size of a child’s fist, but with the super-strong parachute nylon, it is able to carry more than 30 pounds.

The parachute nylon is strong and resistant to mildew and rot. It stuffs into a pouch about the size of a wallet and easily slips into the pocket of your jeans.


In terms of features and containers, this is a no-frills backpack. It is broken into a main interior compartment and a second smaller compartment that is accessible from outside just behind the wearer’s back.

You can carry this as a secondary backpack to pack in all your souvenirs, t-shirts or maybe carpets that you may purchase while on the road. There is no panel or “support” in the pack, making it uncomfortable if loaded wrong. The shoulder straps are a thin material but just wide enough to spread out the load up to the aforementioned 30 pounds, though that’s a lug.

The product is currently sold out at For now, the PackBack, which retails at $26.95, is not available until later in the summer.

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