Choose your airline seat based on the position of the sun

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June 8, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

Customizing your airline seat based on social media, or your mood is out there and more airlines are trying to make it easier for you. But ever wondered what side of the plane is the best in order to avoid that early morning glare? Or you want to make sure you capture a beautiful sunset at 36,000 feet?

Try SunFlight and you just be able to do that.

Available for Chrome browser for now, SunFlight uses flight scheduling data to plot on a Google Map exactly where the sun will be in relation to the progress of a flight.

So how does it work? You enter any flight number for a trip and then the website plots the route on the map. It then adds a shaded area to illustrate night and day and also the sun’s position (see that tiny sun icon).

We tried some routes that go in dark and light, but we wanted to have a route that is mostly in the sun – so here is Swiss Air flight LX040 from Zurich to Los Angeles later today. The aircraft symbol shows the flight and the sun icon indicates the position of the sun.


As expected, this website does not show the position of the seats with respect to the sun’s position. Also, your aircraft may not have the sun on on side all the time considering it may turn on right or left based on the route. There are so many more factors in consideration for which this website and predictions don’t really work.

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