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June 6, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

Just Landed
Just Landed
A new app, Just Landed, was launched today that will tell you when to leave your home to pick up a friend or family member by just entering the flight number into the app. It takes into consideration real-time flight data, your location, and current traffic and will send an alert to you when it’s time to leave the house for a seamless, no-waiting airport pickup.

Available for iOS devices only for now, make sure to turn on the push notifications to get notified about early, delayed, diverted and canceled flights, terminal changes and, of course, landing. Just Landed will also notify you when it’s almost time to leave; the app sends you a “leave in five minutes” notification to give you a little prep time, then a “leave now” notification when you should be out the door.

The app updates your location in the background, changing the ‘location change feature’ of iOS to monitor whenever you change cell towers to keep all your reminders up to date in case you move location and adjust the driving time to the airport. The app also check traffic conditions in advance of landing in case it needs to adjust reminders for rush hour.

It’s free for a limited time.

This may be good for someone traveling domestic without any check-in baggages, but in case of international travel, it doesn’t consider the destination country’s immigration process, and the possible delays in bags coming on the belt.

Just Landed
Just Landed
After entering an international airline – Swiss Air LX040 – which departs from Zurich and arrives at Los Angeles, the app showed us the status of same flight for today, tomorrow and day after. Of course, we selected today…

Just Landed results
Just Landed results
The results were quite interesting – The app showed us that the flight was delayed by 24 minutes, the landing time, terminal it arrives at and driving time based on the current traffic conditions. Looking at the “you should leave in..” time, we think this is based on a person who will be out immediately clearing immigration (considering it’s an international flight) and customs within minutes, which ideally is not the case.
Clicking on that little car icon will detect your current location and open Google Maps app showing driving directions to the terminal.


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