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Yahoo! TimeTraveler app for iOS creates customized itineraries to 29 cities

May 31, 2012

Yahoo! TimeTraveller

Yahoo! TimeTraveller

Yahoo! launched the TimeTraveler app for iPhone that helps you plan your visit to a particular city by just providing the start and stop address or location.

TimeTraveler generates custom itineraries based on how much time you have at a given destination, and where you want to start and stop. Select those criteria, and it will give path for you to follow, with several destinations and suggested amounts of time to spend at each spot. It doesn’t have options to select if you will be driving or walking, and based on this that allocated time slot may or may not be a good option.

If you’re unfamiliar with a place and don’t know where to start, this can be a bit frustrating. To be able to use this app, you need to know some things basic about a place, or at least some starting point. For a new traveler to a destination, this may not be the best app out there, considering so many walking tours, guides and real-time destination apps one can reference to.

TimeTraveler lays out directions, shows you public transit in the area, and gives you all information about the destination. And you can make various plans for just one place if you’re not trying to be a globetrotter. All in all, it offers guides to 29 different cities, including Bangkok, Amsterdam, Dubai, New Orleans, Atlanta, San Francisco and Los Angeles among others.

Yahoo! TimeTraveller

Yahoo! TimeTraveller

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