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Stavanger: All the nature and relaxation of Norway’s West Coast

April 26, 2012

Stavanger, Norway

Stavanger, Norway

Stavanger is not a place for superficial travellers. With so much hiding beneath an unfamiliar name, this is the perfect alternative to Oslo for your Norwegian getaway. Located on the Scandinavian West Coast, the city houses the closest Norwegian airport to the UK as well as being a closer destination than Oslo.

Named European Capital of Culture in 2008, Stavanger has a history dating back to 1125, when it became an established religious centre: since then the city changed continuously over the years before eventually becoming one of the biggest oil centres in Europe during the 1960s.

Over the last few decades Stavanger’s economy has been booming, marking also a golden age for its culture and inventiveness. But, not far from the city and the oil fields, there’s much more that the surrounding areas can offer in terms of breath-taking landscapes and Nordic beauty. We believe that this is an area that will conquer the heart and souls of all nature lovers.

Places like the Lysefjorden are among the most impressive sights in Norway, with rocky walls that rise 1,000 metres above water. Mountains and peaks such as Kjerag and Pulpit Rock are some of the most iconic in Norway and attract every year thousands of mountain and climbing fanatics.

Not just great heights lie around Stavanger though: the stunning beauty of Manafossen falls and the quiet, pristine beaches such as Hellesto and Byberg will make this region a fantastic option also for families in search of a relaxing trip.

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