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April 19, 2012  •  1 min(s) read

The USA is a country that was built for adventure trips. With some of the most challenging wilderness environments in the world coupled with great transport infrastructure, America, from Alaska down to Florida, has it all for the lover of the great outdoors.

America the Beautiful
What makes America especially good for adventure lovers is the sheer variety of its landscapes. Whilst Florida, for example, is a paradise for water sports lovers, the hikers and mountaineers will prefer Colorado or Alaska. There is often the chance to participate in several different adventure activities within the same state or region too. California, for example, has some great winter sports facilities in the mountains at the same time as offering coastal activities like sea kayaking.

However, it still pays to plan and prepare for family adventure holidays properly, even in a country such as America. One primary concern is the qualifications and experience of any guides who will be helping you during your journey. Whilst safe at home, it can often be tempting to opt for the cheapest and most basic of tour packages and it can be difficult to check on local providers.

For this reason, using established and nationally (or internationally) known service providers is always sensible. This also means that any issues can usually be resolved more easily too. When any kind of adventure activity is being planned, safety is always the most important consideration. Reputable and recognised guides and instructors will always make you or your family feel like they are in the right hands.

No Faint Hearts
Anyone accompanying a group on any adventure break should also know what to expect. The idea of hiking around mountains miles away from anywhere may not appeal to someone so much when they realise it will be tiring, just as climbing will not be as appealing to someone who is scared of heights. For this reason, everyone on the trip needs to know exactly what they will be expected to do in order to prevent embarrassment or disruption to tight schedules.

It also helps to keep any documents that are required for identity or medical purposes safely packed away in a specific location. Whether this is in someone’s luggage or the vehicle being used is a matter for personal preference, but access to this kind of document may be required in a hurry in an emergency situation. It is also essential to have some kind of known method of getting in touch with emergency services if planning to visit remote or dangerous locations.

The Right Gear
All appropriate equipment and clothing should be checked and double-checked before leaving. The success of adventure excursions often depends on having the right equipment and something as basic as footwear is absolutely vital. Making sure that clothing suits the likely weather conditions is another basic precaution that inexperienced adventure travellers neglect to take. There is an old saying that there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes and anyone on an adventure holiday would do well to remember it.

But with the right planning and preparation an adventure getaway is perfect for single people, couples or larger groups to really get out and explore the real America. There is always bound to be something wonderfully surprising to be experienced in this diverse nation of huge contrasts.

About: Gordon Hunter-McMillan writes regularly on family adventure holidays and a whole range of American travel activities, with his work featuring on a range of travel blogs and websites.

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