To juice up your device at airport, AirportPlugs will let you know where that power-socket is

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April 8, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

Las Vegas airport
Las Vegas airport
We’ve all experienced that moment when our laptop or phone batteries signal a low power while sitting at that departure lounge. And that’s when we start scurrying around, looking for a power supply before the device dies. It’s an increasingly common problem for so-called always connected traveler.

That is when the new website AirportPlugs comes in. It simply indicates via a series of images where each plug socket is located in a particular area in a terminal.

An incredible and useful idea giving passengers an idea of where they should be heading to get some energy back in their devices. In its current state, where only 5 US airports with little to no data, are listed, AirportPlugs is still in beta, and focuses on a few airports in the US and urging users to upload their own pictures into the database.

The next time you are sitting around waiting for a flight, take some pictures, draw a sketch of the plug and locations and send it off to AirportPlugs, or paste their icons on your photo and send it in.

It’s not a helpful idea for now, especially when you try searching on your phone or laptop for power socket instead of the area around you.

But this could lead to a very good feature – augmented reality. So imagine being in an airport, running low on battery power, but being able to quickly open an application on the mobile which shows the user via an augmented reality overlay through the device’s camera where each power source is located? Now that’s awesome!

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