CasaHop will allow you to swap homes using social network

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April 2, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

The ex-CTO of HuffPost, Paul Berry, launched a new house-swapping website called CasaHop. The lack of social connections on websites like homeexchange made Paul start CasaHop, which according to him, will be free when the service goes live in the next few weeks.

For now, you can add your home and personal profile by connecting to your Facebook account. After all, CasaHop wants you to be able to swap your home with people you can trust. Being in its initial launch phase, it’s still to see how many users will actually make use of this home swapping service.

So, as with all other websites, we gave it a go. We tried signing-up.

First things first – all we saw on Google Chrome was a ‘loading’ circle, for minutes! So we checked it on FireFox and voila! It worked. To be able to sign up on CasaHop, you must have a Facebook account, and after you connect, you’re asked for some basic information about you (what’s with making the ‘Describe your location’ field as mandatory?! I live in Los Angeles, CA. Period.) and then some more simple questions like what’s your home like, what your location offers, etc. That’s that for now. You’re signed up and will be informed by the team when they are ready with a full-launch.

Oh and to encourage sign-ups the site is giving away a chance to win free plane tickets!

CasaHop Information
CasaHop Information

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