Child-free cabins introduced at WestJet

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April 1, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

Kids in airplanes
Kids in airplanes (source: 2cutekidz)
Last June, we had reported that Malaysian Airlines was considering child-free first class flights and now Canada-based WestJet has introduced a new program called Kargo Kids, that allows passengers to travel on select child-free flights, creating a quieter and more relaxing inflight experience, while children travel in a “special VIP” area of the aircraft.

Richard Bartrem, WestJet, Vice-President, Communications and Community Relations, said that “this is a win-win situation for guests travelling on these flights. This new service offers little WestJetters an incredible travel experience while providing their guardians and our other guests with a quiet, child-free cabin.”

Details of Kargo Kids, including booking information and a simple, easy-to-understand demonstration video, is available on the WestJet website at

“As Canada’s low-cost airline, we are constantly looking for innovative and fun ways to enhance the guest experience,” continued Richard Bartrem. “The initial feedback of Kargo Kids has been quite positive and we’re looking forward to the peace and quiet while we get families where they need to be.”

They have a video too:

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