iPhone Scuba case will allow you to only take pictures underwater

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March 29, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

iPhone Scuba Case
iPhone Scuba Case
The iPhone Scuba case from TAT7 has only three strategically-placed mechanical buttons for launching and operating the default camera app.

This $85 case can be put together in just seconds by just sliding your phone in and closing the door, it is compatible up to 100ft dive. It includes a wrist lanyard to float near your hand, so you you don’t have to hold the phone in your hands or tuck it in your swimming costume.

The three waterproof mechanical buttons are positioned to operate the home button, launch apps located in the lower right corner of the screen, and operate the camera app’s shutter button and photo/video switch.

You cannot access or use the iPhone’s keyboard, or even swipe to unlock the lock screen. So before you head out into the deep blue sea make sure to turn on the phone and turn off any automatic lock timers otherwise this gadget is useless. Also, make sure to either turn on the camera app before starting your dive or at least position it in the lower right corner to start the app.

They also have a demo video:

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