Tingo launches with money back guarantee if hotel price is lowered

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March 23, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

With all those hotel booking websites and the ones guaranteeing you your money back if the price increases, TripAdvisor launches a new site called Tingo that, essentially, says the same thing – money back if the hotel price is lowered.

So how does this one work? Go to the website and search for hotels; and in the results look for hotels that has the “Money Back” room. If you book one of those rooms, Tingo claims to “keep watching that price like a hawk”. And if the total price of your reservation drops on their site, they automatically rebook your same reservation for free at the lower rate and give you a refund for the difference.

What’s the catch? They say that there isn’t one. But what if the hotel drop the rates and does not inform the website? Do you still get the refund? We guess not.

The good part about Tingo is that there are no forms to fill out to get your “Money Back” refund. And unlike Orbitz, they don’t base the refunds on someone else booking the same itinerary at a lower price. You get an email each time the price drops and they’ll refund your money to your credit card within a few days of check out.

It’s a newly launched site and too early to say if this will really work, but before booking, make sure to check out the terms & conditions from the website and hotel, because there may be pet fees or deposit involved, apart from what you see.

Send your feedback in comments if you have booked through Tingo and received Money Back.

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