Keep vacations short in order to make them memorable

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February 17, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

VacationYou may have read it on most of the travel blogs that to be able to experience a destination is to meet the locals, eat the best local food and stay longer than you may have planned because that will make you soak-in the moments. But Time recommends keeping your vacations short ending with memorable events.

According to this article, you’ll enjoy and remember a short vacation better because the individual moments will feel more important. The experiences on the last day of your trip will enhance the memory because, according to Time, our memories are dominated by three factors: the peak (for positive events), the nadir (for negative events), and the end of an experience. When vacations are shortened, those end moments are compacted and make the experience easier to remember.

And then there’s the aspect of money.

In fact, even if you can afford that fortnight to the fullest extent, there’s an argument to be made for splitting those two weeks into a pair of separate trips, each with its own “peak-end” combo of highest high and memorable coda.

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