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February 15, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

ChangeYourFlightIf you have an unused airline ticket, there are chances you may get a partial refund on that non-refundable ticket. Just head over to ChangeYourFlight and let them get some money for you; or a voucher!

ChangeYourFlight is the first and only online platform to offer partial refunds to passengers with unused non-refundable tickets while driving fresh revenue for airlines. Unforeseeable circumstances sometimes makes us cancel our trip or just not be able to board that plane. As a passenger unless you have made that flexibility extra payment called ‘trip protection’, you’re in trouble. In other words, the offering is a partial solution and doesn’t serve everyone.

The website says that about 7% of all non-refundable plane tickets end up never being used. This is called the “No-show phenomenon” and amounts to global annual losses of over 6,000 million euros for travelers and forces airlines to fly over 250,000 empty seats every day.

In case of an unexpected event or change of plans, the passenger can go to the website and request a partial refund on their ticket in a free and simple three-step process:

  1. Enter the booking details as one would do on the airline’s website.
  2. Choose the leg of the journey that will not be used.
  3. Set a desired refund amount, wait for the confirmation & receive a voucher for a next flight. At any time the user can always cancel or modify their request.

ChangeYourFlight aggregates and classifies the requests automatically making the information available for the airlines. When a request gets accepted the user gets a refund while the airline gets the extra available seat to sell, satisfying both passengers as well as the airlines.

Currently, partnered with Air On, airBaltic, easyJet, GermanWings, transavia, Vueling and Wizz Air, but only supporting Air One for refunds, they are negotiating and expanding the website to include other airlines too. Selecting “other airline” from the drop-down menu will ask your email address and they will let you know when that airline signs-up.

Here’s their video clip:

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