U.S. Interstates represented in subway map form

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February 10, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

US Interstate Map
US Interstate Map
The U.S. Interstates as a Subway Map infographic is a subway-style map of America’s interstate highways, and it’s pretty handy for quickly planning a cross-country trip. Although this map does not cover each and every interstate highway, but you can see how the highways connect and the major cities along the way.

Designed by Cameron Booth, it gives a better representation of the major highways than traditional maps.

For example, if you’re driving from the west coast (Los Angeles, CA) to the east (Jacksonville, FL), all you have to do is find that orange line (I-10) across the map.

Also really useful are the map’s circles representing the cities along the way—”stops,” if you will, and “transfers” for other highways.

Click here to open the map

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