Eat Your World tells you how to eat like a local when you’re traveling

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January 26, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

Eat Your World
Eat Your World
After years of globe-trotting, travel-food writer Laura Siciliano-Rosen and photographer Scott Rosen, a New York couple started this website called “Eat Your World” that is simply a guide to local foods.

The site currently offers native or traditional food recommendations for several destinations around the world, most of them in North America, but a few in Europe and elsewhere. Clicking on India on the interactive map, for example, you’ll learn about samosa, aloo tikki, paratha, dalmoth and Agra’s savory sweet petha, and where to buy them.

Eat Your World also takes user-submitted photos, stories and tips, which makes it a great, budding site for travelers to help other travelers find authentic eats.

See the video:

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