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Turkish Airlines to have wi-fi across fleet

January 25, 2012

Turkish Airlines goes Wi-Fi

Turkish Airlines goes Wi-Fi

Turkish Airlines will introduce wireless internet access to their wide-body fleet, starting with a B777, following their ground-breaking introduction in November last year of live TV on board of flights across the Atlantic. The Internet service will first be available on transatlantic flights, too, before being expanded to the rest of the network.

The initial rollout will cover progressively all their B777s before moving on to the A330s in the fleet. It is understood that the service will initially be offered for free and cover hand-held devices like phones, tablets, and iPads, as well as netbooks and laptops.

There is no indication at this stage what the service will eventually cost, although airlines, as have hotels learned at their expense, may also eventually be compelled to give the service for free at least to their premium-class passengers in first and business classes.

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