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January 24, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

If you’re living in a city or town that has sights or activities to offer, then you can very well start your own small business by organizing tours; and visitors can find group or solo activities or tours at their next destination. Hosting and managing activities is not easy, but Gidsy attempts to make it easy for you!

Gidsy is a website where people can book and offer many different kinds of activities. Think unique walking tours guided by locals, nature hikes with wild cavemen and exclusive pop-up restaurants hosted by top chefs.

If you are an organizer you can create a listing for an activity by providing descriptions, photos and other details. When you have scheduled some events in your activity calendar, people can book these activities through Gidsy’s payment system. Gidsy does not function as an agent or ensurer, but only enables a contract between someone booking an activity and someone hosting an activity.

Gidsy, still in beta, is available in four cities at the time of publishing this – Berlin, New York City, San Francisco and Amsterdam. They expect to expand to more cities around the world soon.


The website still needs a lot of bug fixes – for example, the registration screen froze up with the AJAX “loading” image when we tried using Chrome browser, among others. And having just four five cities for activities, there’s not much to do, but we have our hopes pinned up on this one. Check back for our hands-on experience soon.

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