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January 22, 2012  •  3 min(s) read

Here are some tips on availing a Dubai Transit Visa to make a trip to the Emirates smoother. Dubai has been one of the principal transit points of international airways and sea-routes globally.

Dubai has figured prominently in the radar of businessmen as well as casual travelers from across the world, as far as it being considered a transit point is concerned. With an economic upheaval that has moved away from the oil industry towards a much more modern hue consisting of modern architecture and engineering, Dubai has been scoring high on the tourism front as well.

Dubai Transit Visa General Guidelines
In order to facilitate a smooth yet stringent check on the inflow of tourists and visitors on short-term visits in the city, the Dubai Immigration Department has introduced the Dubai Transit Visa. This offers eligibility to a person to travel or stay in the country for a maximum period of 14 days, in which he/she can travel or conduct business trips within the emirates themselves.

When compared to other types of visas available in the country, the Transit Visa Dubai is easier to avail (probably in lieu of the short stay time advocated in the terms). While the Dubai International Airport is where the visa can be collected, it usually requires a sponsor or advocate from within the country for the visitor or tourist. This may range from the authorities of a hotel you are staying at or the firm you are acquainted with (or have been sent on a business trip from). The airlines you are traveling with can also arrange for a similar visa, especially if you have had them notified well in advance. This is perhaps the most preferred way as far as unacquainted sponsors are concerned since chances of a mess-up are low.

Dubai Transit Visa Requirements
The requirements wanton of procuring a valid Transit Visa are fairly simple. First up, one needs to complete and sign up the visa application form at the Dubai Immigration Department. Apart from these the other documents required for the successful procurement of a Dubai Transit Visa include a copy of the passport of the individual, entry permit and a valid flight ticket that indicates the exact time and date of departure from the city. The establishment card or a copy of it is also required, especially when the sponsored individual is on a business trip.

Dubai Transit Visa Fees, Costs and Extension

The fee levied on a valid transit visa for Dubai is about 120 Dirham, which actually amounts to about $33. This is a fair amount keeping in mind the eligible staying-period of the individual, which is exactly 14 days. Extensions of such visas are usually available at a higher fee but not encouraged.

Please remember that the law for overstaying on visas, especially on transit visas, are strict in Dubai. This is more evident in the case of expatriates, as overstaying or illegal residential occurrences can be punished by heavy fines and prison terms. So, stay updated on the status of your visa and enjoy your brief stay in the ‘City of Gold’!

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