Plot mainland Britain train routes on Google Maps via TheTrainLine

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January 19, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

Consumers can now plot their train journeys on Google Maps following a partnership with TheTrainline.

Google TrainLine
Google TrainLine
Commuters can now access rail travel information across the country and view it in map format. The service includes train route and timetable information for more than 2,500 stations, 170,000 trips and 8,000 bus stops as well as walking directions and bus timetable information to enable passengers to work out potential connections.

Access to the public transport information is via a train icon on Google Maps and consumers can also click through to TheTrainline to make bookings.

Public transport information, including tube, bus and tram, for the Greater London area was launched last year via a partnership with Transport for London.

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