This backpack scooter is in my travel essentials list

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January 17, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

Backpack Scooter
Backpack Scooter
Backpacking is one of the best ways to travel and we always recommend packing it light. Although walking around a city is the best way to experience the architecture and culture, walking through connections at the airports, especially if your next flight is a mile away, can be tiring. But now you can avoid all the walking and zip through the airport with Gustavo Brenck’s ‘Gig Pack’, a convertible scooter backpack for everyday use.

The aluminum device is attached to a nylon backpack, complete with notebook compartment. When not in use for travel, the scooter’s rear segment is folded inside the backpack, nonetheless retaining space for other items. For riding, you simply zip apart the backpack, fasten the front and back wheels, and secure all bag straps to prevent them from getting caught on the ground.

As a scooter, ‘Gig Pack’ sustains a weight of up to 90 kilograms (200 lbs) and its large rubber wheels offer increased durability.

From the size of the backpack it seems like you won’t be packing those trendy shoes! Nonetheless, we are adding this to our list of travel essentials.

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