Google’s latest social travel service called Schemer

Travel On The Dollar
January 15, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

Google has announced (currently in beta and by invite only) a new service, known as Schemer, which attempts to show local destination ideas based on tips from your (Google+) friends, celebrities and professional destination content producers (ie. travel writers).

It uses content with the likes of Zagat, the review service it purchased in September this year. Tie that in with Google Checkout and you have a powerful combination which most existing P2P tour guide marketplaces would struggle to compete with.

If destination research moves to starting at Google Schemer rather than Google Search, then Google will be able to pitch flights, hotels and other travel services, without having to necessarily work within the confines of their existing web properties.

We will cover it as soon as we can get access, in the meanwhile check out this video from The Next Web:

And Google’s official video is here:

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