Hot-air Ballooning to start over Ayers Rock

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January 13, 2012  •  2 min(s) read

Ayers Rock / Uluru
Ayers Rock / Uluru
An agreement between the Uluru family and Outback Ballooning will start flights over Uluru in the Northern Territory of Australia in March. After negotiations that lasted a couple of years, John Sanby of Outback Ballooning said he has been liaising with an Aboriginal family to conduct flights from their land to The Rock.

It is an initiative co-ordinated by the Central Land Council and allows the company to introduce a cultural element to ballooning in central Australia.

Mr Sanby says the balloon flights will be the first new tourism activity in central Australia in the past decade. Apart from the balloon flights, the company will also conduct cultural tours that, in addition to the Rock itself, will also be about the Uluru family since they will be flying on their patch of land.

Information can be found at Uluru/Ayers Rock Hot Air Ballooning [Outback Ballooning]

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