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Split expenses between travelers on your next vacation with Trip Splitter app

January 6, 2012

Trip Splitter

Trip Splitter

Link: iTunes
Cost: $1.99

Sharing expenses and working out who paid what is a chore that can become painful if there a lot of people traveling and everyone is chipping in something. So how do you manage all the expenses and stay on top of this? Should one keep the receipts to sort through later? What about those occasions when you don’t get a receipt? Should you scribble the amounts down in a small book as you go along?

Whatever way you use or prefer, eventually you have to add everything up and work out who has to pay whom. This is where Trip Splitter app for iPhone comes extremely handy.

To start a new trip, type in the names of the participants. One down side of this app is that only up to six people can be accommodated in one trip. You only do this step once unless you start a new trip or change the participants.

Trip Splitter - Add new trip

Trip Splitter - Add new trip

Now that trip is set up, you can start adding expenses by clicking the “+” button at the top of the screen. Choose the kind of entry you want to make, and that takes you to the screen where you enter the amount and the details of the payment. Click for who paid, and click for who is going to share the cost.

Trip Splitter - Add new expense

Trip Splitter - Add new expense

When you want to see who owes who and what amount, click on the red button and then ‘Even Up’, turn the device sideways at any time and you will see the amount.

And if you want another record of your expenses, just email yourself a file straight from the app. Then at your convenience you can open that file in Excel on your home computer.

It really could not be easier. All the math is done for you and because it is so easy to enter amounts and type in what the entry is for, it has turned a chore into a pleasure.

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