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December 16, 2011  •  2 min(s) read

Earlier today we told you how you can choose your airline seat based on your social network which will be introduced by KLM Dutch Royal Airlines. But if you’re flying solo, then would you like to meet and talk to strangers on that next flight? Just tell Planely which flights you’re traveling on and Planely will tell you who else is traveling with you on the plane and at your departure and arrival airports.

Planely hopes to change the airline industry for the better by connecting you with the greatest untapped resource of knowledge and entertainment on your journey — your fellow fliers! Planely is creating the opportunity for you to contact passengers with overlapping itineraries ahead of time and make mutual arrangements to sit together on the plane, or meet in your departure or arrival airports.

We tried the website. For our upcoming trip to South America in a week, we entered the flight details and received an email saying there are people traveling at the same time, or from the same airport.

Planely - Flight Details
Planely - Flight Details

Upon clicking the matches link, Planely will show you who will be at the departure and arrival airports and who will be on the plane. You get a chance to message that person and maybe crank up a notch!

Planely - Who's who and where
Planely - Who's who and where


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