Best Greek Islands for Nightlife

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December 16, 2011  •  1 min(s) read

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The nightlife in the Greek Islands is insane – there is no better way to put it! If you enjoy a high-energy party where the music is rocking, the people are friendly and the drinks are flowing, then this is the place to be. On other hand, the Greek Islands don’t just offer high-energy parties. You can also find laidback cafes, romantic restaurants and bars with calm atmospheres. We will cover the basics so you have a better idea on how to approach your 2012 Greek Island holiday.

The first step to take prior to making any nightlife plans is to reserve a Greek Island villa. Once you do this, you will be way ahead of the game. Villas offer much more privacy and beauty than a hotel. On top of that, the average Greek Island villa offers much better value than a hotel room. Now let’s get to the partying.

The Greek Islands has many party areas, but none is better than Bar Street of Kardamena. You can literally find a bar on every corner. If you want a wild atmosphere that also offers terrace views, then begin your night at Cactus Saloon. We say “begin your night” because the partying around here tends to begin at 10 p.m. and end when the sun rises. If you’d like to begin your evening with a more laidback atmosphere, go to Camel. When it hits midnight, there is only one place to go, which is H20. The music is loud, everyone is dancing and you can order many different types of exotic drinks.

If you go to Crete, then it’s an absolute must that you visit Mylos. This establishment is over 200 years old and sits right by the water. That in itself makes it unique, but it’s also a great place to party, especially if you appreciate a friendly crowd. If you want the highest energy environment when it comes to nightclubs in Crete, go to Splendid. A neon spotlight might shine on you as you dance.

If you’re 2012 Greek Island holiday will be spent on Ionaian, then you can choose between Stagousta and Edem. The former is one of the wildest parties on the planet. The latter has been around since 1998. It’s a beach bar by day and a nightclub by night.

Many of the above options are best suited for those with a lot of energy. If you would prefer something more laidback, then consider a few options on Kardamena. For instance, Tamtam is a relaxing outdoor bar where people snack on food and dance if the music moves them. For a romantic meal, go to Petrino, where you will find quality food and wine as well as an ideal ambiance.


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