Baggage-handler advises buying a four-wheeler suitcase to avoid damages

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December 16, 2011  •  2 min(s) read

HuffPost is running an article on how our bags are damaged as told to them by an anonymous baggage-handler. He offers advice for an intact bag upon arrival and one of them is getting a bag that has the “spinners” with four wheels on the bottom.

Wanna know how your bags and contents are damaged?

I’m not going to lie, your checked luggage takes a beating. They call it “throwing bags” for a reason. There isn’t an easy way around this. Airplanes only make money while in the air, and no airline wants an airplane on the ground too long. Due to the nature of some aircraft, it would be impossible to turn around a 737 or 757 in an hour or less without throwing bags because it’s just faster. On these planes, there are only two long and narrow cargo holds where your luggage goes.

One agent puts the bags on the belt loader, which carries it up to an agent inside the cargo hold who throws it 50 feet to the back where another agent stacks all the bags as if it were a game of Tetris. Wheels and handles oftentimes break or crack on impact, and anything fragile inside that is not packed well doesn’t stand much of a chance.

He advises not to put red wine or alcohol in your suitcase ever. They usually never never check any fragile items in a soft sided suitcase, unless it was professionally packaged. Those fragile stickers don’t get noticed very often in the rush of loading bags unless it is an obvious shape, such as a musical instrument.

Read more at: Confessions of An Airline Baggage ‘Thrower’: Why You Should Buy A Four-Wheeler Suitcase

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