Ryanair will charge upto £100 for check-in bags starting 2012

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December 10, 2011  •  2 min(s) read

Ryanair - Image: www.terminalu.com
Ryanair - Image: www.terminalu.com
The notorious European budget airline, RyanAir will increase their checked-in baggage fees 150 percent than what passengers pay now. Travelers checking in a bag at the airport without booking ahead face a fee of £100.

The airline has divided 2012 into low and high seasons, with the latter stretching across the summer from June to September, as well as Christmas. In peak season, the cost of checking in a single 15kg bag rises from £15 to £25, totaling £200 for a family of four on a return trip. The price for a second bag will be even higher, at £45.

Ryanair claims such fees are intended to change passenger behaviour in order to keep costs – and therefore fares – low. But Ryanair’s cabin-baggage rules are less generous than its rivals. The maximum volume is 44 litres, compared with the industry standard of 63 litres, as used by easyJet and British Airways. BA also allows a laptop or handbag up to 32 litres. The weight limit for Ryanair is 10kg; for BA, 23kg; and for easyJet there is no maximum. Ryanair enforces its limits strictly. The charge for passengers who breach the airline’s strict size or weight is £40.

Ryanair claims the lowest average air fares in Europe: last year a typical flight cost £35. But in a snapshot of fares between London and Barcelona’s main airport, departing on the first Saturday in August, Ryanair turned out more expensive than both its nearest rival, easyJet, and British Airways – even before baggage and other fees were added.

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