Triptrotting matches you with your host or traveler

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November 22, 2011  •  2 min(s) read

If you are on Couchsurfing then you know the concept of free accommodation and hosting. That is one of the best ways to experience a destination, get the best advice on all things-to-do and above all, meet a local and make a friend. But there are concerns in terms of compatibility with your host or your traveler.

That’s where Triptrotting comes in – a site with two key differentiating factors that set their community of travelers apart. Firstly, they use an eHarmony-like matching algorithm that suggests local hosts that you could be most interested in meeting. Based on various factors like similar profession, educational background, hobby or all of the above, this type of matching helps you find more the most ‘matching’ host or traveler for you that can facilitate the friendship, which often lasts long after the trip.

Secondly, the Triptrotting community is actually “verified”, meaning that in order to join you have to be a “verified” traveler or local. That could mean that you might be a student at a university, a worker for a major company or NGO, a member of one of their partner organizations or you know someone in the community who is willing to vouch for you. So you get a certain level of comfort around the people that you are meeting.

Triptrotting works on the same concept like Couchsurfing and right now they have a promotion going on where you can win a iPad or an unlocked iPhone 4S.

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