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November 21, 2011  •  2 min(s) read

With offices based in London, Lisbon and Laussane, almost 2 years in production and over 55,000 properties in 350 destinations worldwide listed on their website, HouseTrip is a competition to AirBnB, and their mission is to give people the power to travel in private accommodations all around the world.

One of our many benefits is the direct contact you have with hosts: they all have a personal interest in your stay and a great knowledge of their property. To make the best choice for your stay, don’t hesitate to ask them all the questions you want.

The website recommends to read the specifics related to reservations outlined by the hosts (deposits, check-in and check-out times, pet policies, etc.). To secure your rental, the hosts request an advance payment that range from 11% to 100% of the total rental rate. You will be asked for your credit card details during the request process but you will not be charged until the host’s final confirmation (within a maximum of 36 hours). Within a maximum of 36 hours, you will receive a final confirmation from the host that your stay is booked. Your credit card will only be charged at that time. If the host declines or does not respond, no charge is made and you can try booking with someone else.

Website: HouseTrip

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